X-Roads schenkt wöchentlich eine Stunde lang den missverstandenen Poeten, den einsamen Cowboys, den gescheiterten Baumwollpflückern, den heiseren Protestsängern und den betrunkenen Alleinunterhaltern Gehör.

X-Roads: Jeden Sonntag von sechs bis sieben auf Radio X.


Sonntag, 14. Februar 2021

Sendung vom 14. Februar 2021 - Mixed

  • The Fox - Nickel Creek (Nickel Creek)
  • Ah Spring - Chris Thile (Stealing Second)
  • New York City - Punch Brothers (Who's Feeling Young Now?)
  • The Old Leather Bag - David Davis and the Warrior River Boys (David Davis and the Warrior River Boys)
  • (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle - David Davis and the Warrior River Boys (Troubled Times)
  • The Train That Carried My Girl From Town - David Davis and the Warrior River Boys (Two Dimes & a Nickel)
  • He Rambled - David Davis and the Warrior River Boys (Dind't He Ramble: Songs of Charlie Poole)
  • Anywhere There's A Jukebox - Razzy Bailey (I Keep Coming Back)
  • She's Back In Town - Rodney Crowell (Songs From Quarantine)
  • Baby Started Wearing Her Mask - Ry Cooder (Songs From Quarantine)
  • Oxford Town - Phil Carmen (My Way)
  • Born A Rider - Clover Leaf (My Way)
  • Sad - Phil Carmen (My Way)
  • I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again - Buffy Sainte-Marie (Soldier Blue)
  • Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie (Universal Soldier)
  • Plains of Nebrasky-O - Eric Andersen with Phil Ochs (The Essential)
  • Close the Door Lightly - The Dillards (Copperfields)
  • Dusty Box Car Wall - Eric Andersen (Violets of Dawn)

Sendung vom 7. Februar 2021 - Women's Voices

  • Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind) - Loretta Lynn  (Gold) 
  • Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Linda Ronstadt  (Don't Cry Now) 
  • Lie To Him - Amber Digby  (Another Way To Live) 
  • Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin' Broken Heart - Highway 101  (Paint The Town) 
  • Mi Vida Loca - Pam Tillis  (Sweetheart's Dance) 
  • Blackie's Gunman - Carlene Carter (duet with Elizabeth Cook)  (Carter Girl) 
  • If The Jukebox Took Teardrops - Danni Leigh  (29 Nights) 
  • Big City - Iris DeMent  (Tulare Dust - A Songwriters' Tribute To Merle Haggard) 
  • Never Been Loved Before - Rita Chiarelli  (Breakfast At Midnight) 
  • Big Red Sun Blues - Lucinda Williams  (Lucinda Williams) 
  • Crescent City - Emmylou Harris  (Cowgirl's Prayer) 
  • I Heard The Bluebirds Sing - Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters  (Everything I Wanted Love To Be) 
  • Life Is Not A Guarantee - Valerie Smith & Becky Buller  (Here's A Little Song ...) 
  • Get On The Main Highway - The Price Sisters  (A Heart Never Knows) 
  • Le Moulin A Pépere - Sylvia Tyson  (You Were On My Mind) 
  • There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis - Kirsty MacColl  (Desperate Character) 
  • That Was The Day (Nashville) - Marianne Faithfull  (Faithless) 
  • Now To Stop Singing - Betty Legler  (Betty Legler) 

Sendung vom 31. Januar 2021 - Mixed

  • Take Me In Your Lifeboat - The Seldom Scene  (15th Anniversary Celebration) 
  • The Bluebirds Are Singing - Country Gentlemen  (The Early Rebel Recordings) 
  • The Sweetest Gift - The Seldom Scene  (Act Two) 
  • Paradise Valley - The Seldom Scene  (The New Seldom Scene Album) 
  • Silence Or Tears - The Country Pickers  (CP Special) 
  • He Rode All The Way To Texas - John Starling  (Long Time Gone) 
  • Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight - Bill Clifton  (Around The World To Poor Valley) 
  • The Light Gets In The Way - The Long Ryders  (Two Fisted Tales) 
  • Dancin' Cowboys - Bellamy Brothers  (You Can Get Crazy) 
  • Catahoula - Bellamy Brothers  (Over The Line) 
  • Skip A Rope - Henson Cargill  (A Very Well Travelled Man) 
  • The Most Uncomplicated Goodbye I've Ever Heard - Henson Cargill  (A Very Well Travelled Man) 
  • Shame About That - Sara Evans  (Three Chords And The Truth) 
  • Walk Out Backwards - Sara Evans  (Three Chords And The Truth) 
  • Chicago Barn Dance - Special Consensus  (Chicago Barn Dance) 
  • Jacob Spence - Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike  (No Summer Storm) 
  • Getting Ready For Sunday - Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike  (Wash Away Your Troubles) 
  • Thank You - Becky Buller  ('tween Earth And Sky) 
  • Wild Dandelion Rose - Bonnie Prince Billy  (Hello Joy)