X-Roads schenkt wöchentlich eine Stunde lang den missverstandenen Poeten, den einsamen Cowboys, den gescheiterten Baumwollpflückern, den heiseren Protestsängern und den betrunkenen Alleinunterhaltern Gehör.

X-Roads: Jeden Sonntag von sechs bis sieben auf Radio X.


Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Sendung vom 12.2.2012 - Goin' East

- The Emperor of Wyoming - Neil Young (Neil Young)
- Cheyenne - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs (Flatt & Scruggs 1964 - 1969, Plus)
- Oh Why, Oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming - Merle Travis with Jerry Collonna (Guitar Rags and a Too Fast Past)
- The Beehive State - Randy Newman (Randy Newman)
- Salt Lake City - Bobby Bare (The All-American Boy)
- Salt River - Norman Blake (Whiskey Before Breakfast)
- I Fell Into Painting Houses in Phoenix, Arizona - Richmond Fontaine (Thirteen Cities)
- By the Time I Get to Phoenix - Jimmy Webb with Glen Campbell (Just Across the River)
- By the Time You Get to Phoenix - Wanda Jackson (Tears Will Be the Chaser For Your Wine)
- The Last Time I Saw Phoenix - Johnny Western (Heroes and Cowboys)
- The Arizona Waltz - Rex Allen (Maverick Country)
- My Dear Old Arizona Home - Patsy Montana (Country & Western Hits)
- Arizona Skies - Los Lobos (Kiko)
- Arizona Star - Guy Clark (The Dark)
- Ballad of the Tucson 2 - Howe Gelb ('Sno Angel Winging It)
- Beneath Canyon Walls - Tom Russell & Patricia Hardin (Ring of Bone)
- Back to Tucson - Tanya Savory (Town to Town)
- Grand Canyon Song - Steve Goodman (Affordable Art)

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