X-Roads schenkt wöchentlich eine Stunde lang den missverstandenen Poeten, den einsamen Cowboys, den gescheiterten Baumwollpflückern, den heiseren Protestsängern und den betrunkenen Alleinunterhaltern Gehör.

X-Roads: Jeden Sonntag von sechs bis sieben auf Radio X.

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2020

Sendung vom 7. Juni 2020 - In Memory of John Prine

- Please Don't Bury Me - John Prine (Sweet Revenge)
- Illegal Smile - John Prine (John Prine)
- You Never Even Call Me By My Name - Steve Goodman (Steve Goodman)
- It's A Big Old Goofy World - John Prine (The Missing Years)
- Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You - John Prine (Diamonds In The Rough)
- Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness - John Prine (John Prine Live)
- Souvenirs - Country Gentlemen (Souvenirs)
- Same Thing Happened To Me - John Prine (Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings)
- Grandpa Was A Carpenter - Lonesome Standard Time (Lonesome As It Gets)
- In A Town This Size - John Prine (with Dolores Keane) (In Spite Of Ourselves)
- Love Love Love - Sharon Shannon (with John Prine and Mary Staunton) (The Diamond Mountain Sessions)
- Glory Of True Love - John Prine (Fair & Square)
- Mr. & Mrs. Used To Be - John Prine (with Iris DeMent) (For Better, Or Worse)
- Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age - John Prine & Mac Wiseman (Standard Songs For Average People)
- I Have Met My Love Today - John Prine (The Tree Of Forgiveness)
- Paradise - John Prine (featuring Kane Welch Kaplin) (In Person & On Stage)

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