X-Roads schenkt wöchentlich eine Stunde lang den missverstandenen Poeten, den einsamen Cowboys, den gescheiterten Baumwollpflückern, den heiseren Protestsängern und den betrunkenen Alleinunterhaltern Gehör.

X-Roads: Jeden Sonntag von sechs bis sieben auf Radio X.

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2021

Sendung vom 10. Oktober 2021 - John Prine and Others

  • I'm On To You - Sammy Shelor  (Leading Roll) 
  • She's About Trouble - The Lonesome River Band  (Old Country Town)
  • Love Gone Cold - Lacy J. Dalton (with Earl Scruggs)  (Blue Eyed Blues) 
  • Hillbilly Girl With The Blues - Lacy J. Dalton  (Blue Eyed Blues) 
  • Dent In My Heart - Rosie Flores  (After The Farm) 
  • Girl Haggard - Rosie Flores  (Once More With Feeling) 
  • Wine Me Up - Tanya Tucker  (My Turn) 
  • Walking Shoes - Tanya Tucker  (Tennessee Woman) 
  • San Antonio Stroll - Tanya Tucker  (Tanya Tucker's Greatest Hits) 
  • Rainy Girl - Tanya Tucker  (What's Your Mama's Name) 
  • There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis (Country Version) - Kirsty MacColl  (Desperate Character) 
  • Illegal Smile - John Prine  (John Prine) 
  • Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis 
  • Hare Krishna Beauregard - John Prine  (Common Sense) 
  • Fish And Whistle - John Prine  (Bruised Orange) 
  • In Spite Of Ourselves - John Prine (with Iris DeMent)  (In Spite Of Ourselves) 
  • The Sins Of Memphisto - John Prine  (The Missing Years) 
  • Same Thing Happened To Me - John Prine  (Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings) 
  • Spanish Pipedream - John Prine  (John Prine)

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